Sweat Spin Studio

Sweat is a boutique style studio that specializes in spinning. Sweat is exclusively focused on spinning thus it enables us to provide our clients with an exceptional experience. About Our Spin Classes

Our Clients Are Saying:

“I love spinning and it is wonderful to know that I am reversing the effects of aging on my body.” Margaret Valenti, RN MSN BC AHN BC “I find that the spinning classes at Sweat truly raise spinning to the next level.” Michael Muschel, Cardiologist “I left my gym 3 months ago and joined Sweat. I have never looked back.” Deborah “Sweat is truly One of a Kind! The studio is inviting, the instructors are top notch. A total body workout all without the drama.” Rachel Mahan “I'm truly addicted to spin because of Sweat! All of the Instructors are fantastic and diverse so it never gets boring. Definitely the most fun I have ever had working out.” Joan Tie “If you want be ensured a truly passionate and motivating ride, this is the place to be. You will leave feeling strong, inspired, and eagerly awaiting your next class!” Lindsey Hamill “I've been spinning at a local health club for almost a year when after taking my first class at Sweat, I realized there's another whole level to spin.” Chuck Berigno
40 Million Calories Burned! Since April 2011, Sweat clients have burned over 40 million calories